Punch Needles

Punch Needles are a hand operated tool used for making rugs, pillows, or other fiber art. Punch needles consist of a handle, hollow shaft, and needle eye. Yearn or floss threads through the shaft and out the eye of the needle. The tool is "punched" into an open weave fabric. Each punch produces a loop or "pile" on the opposite side of the fabric. One tool can produce many outcomes with little learning curve. Let's learn about Punch Needle tools available in our shop. 

There are punch needles for yarn and punch needles for embroidery floss. The biggest tip for punch needle beginners would be to choose the correct fabric and needle combination. Each needle had a foundation cloth that works best with it. Don't be discouraged if you cant grasp the craft at first. The odds are high that your tools just may need a bit of adjusting such as getting the correct fabric or needle size. 

In the photo above we see a variety of needles. The needles on the far left of the photo use thicker yarns and the needles on the right use flosses. You can see from the size of the needle usually a general idea of what it will work with.

First we have the SKC or Lion Brand adjustable punch needle shown above. This needle takes yarn. It works best with a worsted weight yarn. The tool allows for 4 different loop heights. The loop is your “pile”. The loop or pile side is technically the side to display. Some people choose to display the back or “working side” as it looks like embroidery. The working side will also sometimes show more detail as well. Which side to display is up to you! 

This punch needle can take larger bulky yarns as well depending on the yarn brand and bulk. If the tool is used at the longest pile height the stitches will stay. If used at a low pile height with a very bulky yarn it will likely not hold. This is because the yarn is a bit too thick and sticking in the tool. A great work around to use the bulky yarn is just to use the longest height setting “A” on the tool. 

This tool can be used with monks cloth, primitive linen, and primary rug backing fabrics. 

This needle is available in our shop with a free sample of primary rug backing fabric. Its a great adjustable needle at a cheaper price point for a beginner. Also available in a beginner kit too.


Thicker yarns run though this needle better on setting "A". This allows the needle more length to push the yarn into the cloth and let the loop form.

The Ultra Punch Needle (Most popular needle for embroidery floss)

This needle set comes with an adjustable loop height, three needle tips, and two threaders. Its made in the USA too! This needle takes embroidery floss or even some small yarns. It works great with weavers cloth and even some other tight weave fabrics. Play around with upholstery fabrics too! 

Small Tip works with 2-3 strands of embroidery floss

Medium Tip works with 3-6 strands of embroidery floss or 1-2 strands of pearl cotton

Larger Tip works with mid weight pearl cottons or a full 6 strands of embroidery floss

Weavers cloth is available in the shop in natural and white colors. 

More videos of this needle can be found on our youtube channel as well.



The Lavor Punch Needle - Three Needle Tip Set

(Larger 5.6mm and Medium 4mm Lavor Needles are available now too, scroll down to learn about them)

This Lavor needle set comes with three needle tips in a nice range of sizes. The smallest needle (roughly 1.5mm) can take a single 6 strand embroidery floss. The medium needle (2.5mm) can take two strands together, which is fun for mixing colors. The larger needle (3mm) can take some yarns. I find a yarn weight 1-2 works nicely.

The small and medium needle can be used in weavers cloth. The larger needle works best with cotton backing cloth and even monks cloth depending on the yarn being used. 

If you’re looking for a needle that can do small detailed work and maybe some fun bigger projects too then this is the one you need. Best part of all is that its adjustable. You slide the needle tip in the handle at whatever height you want. Whether you need big tall pile hight loops or short ones then just adjust the needle.  


Oxford Punch Needle – Size 10 Regular – Now 10 Fine available too!

The Oxford needle is a wood needle with a unique slit cut down the entire side of it. This makes for easy threading with no need for a threading tool. The needle only makes one height for the pile as it’s not adjustable. This needle can use finer weight yarns doubled up all the way up to a chunky yarn. This needle can take the 4ply rug yarns as well!

The 10 Regular makes a pile or loop height of 1/4″

This is the needle most recommended for a new puncher wanting to try an Oxford needle.

*The 10 Fine Oxford needle is now available as well. It takes smaller yarns and worsted weight. Works with only monks cloth.



Oxford Punch Needle – Size 9 Regular

Similar to other Oxford needles this needle requires no threader. It works well with monks cloth and primary rug backing fabrics.

The 9 Regular needle makes a loop height of 3/8″ so it is a slightly larger pile than a 10 Regular needle would be. This is great for adding texture to a punch needle project.

Like other Oxford Regular needles it works well with yarns ranging from worsted to bulky. Smaller yarns can be doubled and tripled up in it as well.


Oxford needles are available in a boxed set. This includes a instructional booklet, stitch guide, needle, and box.



Oxford Punch Needle – Size 8 Regular

The 8 Regular Oxford needle makes a loop height of 1/2″ making it the tallest pile height of all the Oxford needles.

It works well with monks cloth and primary rug backing fabrics.

Like other Oxford Regular needles it works well with yarns ranging from worsted to bulky. Smaller yarns can be doubled and tripled up in it as well.



Oxford Punch Needle – “The Mini With Heels” #13 Fine

The Oxford #13 needle fine needle and works with sock weight, worsted, baby, and sport weight yarns. This needle makes a 3/16″ loop and only comes in a Fine size only.

This needle makes slightly taller pile height compared to the #14. Its great for finer detailed works to really pop such as words.

The image and video to the left show the pile height of the 13 and 14 next to each other. The 13 is the taller loops on the left.

Use the Mini 13 with monks cloth.

Will NOT work with primary rug backing or weavers cloth.



Oxford Punch Needle – “The Mini 14”

The Oxford #14 needle at left is a Fine needle and works with sock weight, worsted, baby, and sport weight yarns. This needle makes a 1/8″ loop and only comes in a Fine size.

This needle makes short compact loops. Its great for finer detailed works.

Use the Mini 14 with monks cloth.

Will NOT work with primary rug backing or weavers cloth.


CTR Punch Needles

CTR Needles are fully made in the USA by CTR Machine Fab. These needles are an all metal deign. They take embroidery flosses ranging from 1 to 6 stands.

The 1 stand needle is blue in color and takes 1 strand of embroidery floss. This means an embroidery floss needs just one single strand pulled from it for this needle.

The 3 strand needle is red in color and takes 3 strands of embroidery floss.

The black 6 strand needle takes an entire embroidery floss with all six strands.

These needles all work with weavers cloth. They are small in the hands and you can add a pencil grip to them for added comfort.

Each needle comes with instructions, threader, and precut gauges for punching different pile heights.


One Of A Kind Wood Turned Punch Needles

These needles are new to the Mini Masterpieces shop. We are so thrilled to have a local Arizona wood turning artist, Dave Webber, making these needles. We had a vision to make one of a kind wood punch needles in 2018 and the dream has finally come to fruition. We couldn’t be happier! These needles are are made one at a time in Arizona. They offer a unique variety of woods, onyx, turquoise inlays and more. Please visit our Etsy shop to see whats available today. These are released in small batches a few times a year. They do sell out out! 


Large Lavor Adjustable 5mm Needle

This needle is adjustable, simply turn the needle to change pile heights.

Handle is made from recycled plastic.

Pile heights vary from 1/4″ to 1″. This can vary depending on foundation cloth used and yarn weight being used. *The smallest setting really is too short to use on this needle. Play with it at your own risk. It is usable with wool in monks cloth, see image below*

Needle works with most 4-5 weight yarns. Smaller yarns can be doubled or tripled as well. Use primary rug backing or monks cloth.


3.5mm and 5mm Wood Needles

These needles come from China. (Video below) They are basic unadjustable wood handled needles. Great cheaper alternative to someone wanting to try out punching with minimal financial starting costs. See video below of the 3.5mm in use.


Red or Pink Metal Adjustable Needle – Three Sizes

This fully adjustable set includes three needle tips.

Small Needle tip takes small yarns and a full 6 strand of embroidery floss. Works with cotton cloth or weavers cloth.

Medium Needle tip takes yarns in a medium weight size such as a 3. Works with monks cloth.

Largest tip take thicker yarns such as a 4-5 weight. Works with monks cloth. Take 4 ply rug yarn as well.