How To Punch Needle

The punch tools can change a bit but the basic rules stay the same. You are using a needle to punch yarn through fabric and create a loop or  "pile" on the reverse side. Thus creating a loop pile carpet. These can be made into rugs, pillow, wall hangings, and more! 

You will use a threader to feed the yarn through the needle shaft and out through the eye of the needle. This varies for the Oxford needle as it doesn't require a threader.

You always want to keep the needle close to the fabric when sliding over to the next punch. 

Don't punch too many punches all bunched up next to each other or you'll create a bulge  or mountain of yarn on the reverse that wont be uniform.

The needle instructions shown here can be enlarged by clicking the image.

Shown here to the left you'll see how to thread the SKC Adjustable punch needle.


Next you will need to get your foundation cloth tight on a frame. There are a lot of options here. A gripper strip frame, embroidery hoop, Morgan No Slip hoop, Snap Frame, or even a hand made wooden frame with carpet tack strips.

Snap frames are easy to assemble and use. They eliminate the need for tack frames. I find this handy if you have small children around who could get poked by a tack frame.

Morgan No Slip Hoops are great as they have a small grove inside the hoop to help keep fabric taut. 

Wooden embroidery hoops do not hold the fabric as tight as some other options but they are a great starting point to give the craft a try before making a larger investment into a different frame. 

Once you've gotten your fabric tight you're ready to punch!

Once you get the basic idea of punching you can really start to play around with different designs and textures.

Transfer a design to your fabric using a permeant marker. A water based one may rub off onto your hand. Once the design is fully punched you wont be able to see the marker lines at all.

You can print free Punch Patterns™️ from the website HERE and use a sunny window to transfer the design to your foundation cloth. You can even hold the cloth up to your computer screen if you want! Use the light from the screen to illuminate the image through the fabric and copy it. Careful not to get marker on your screen! 


Make sure your yarn or thread runs smoothly through the needle. If you have to tug at it then it's too thick and your loops will pull out. 


The tighter your fabric is the more even your loops will be. Also less strain on your hands when punching.

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