Rug Wool Yarns for Punch Needle Rug Hooking

Rug Wool yarns are a coarser yarn which hold in the foundation cloth like Primary Rug Backing or Monks Cloth or Primitive Linen.

Silky smooth yarns are great for knitting but tend to slip and slide out of place when punching. This can make for uneven loops heights and a very messy punching project.

Rug wools are the perfect fit for your next floor rug or pillow project. We carry a wide and always growing selection of yarns here at Mini Masterpieces. Check back for new colors!

The 2 ply yarns can be doubled up in the Oxford Regular needles. They can be used in the Oxford Fine and SKC/Lion Brand needles as well.

The 3 ply weight rug wool is great for the adjustable Lion needles, Oxford Regular needles, Lavor 5.6 or 4mm, and a few other punch needles on the market.

The extra Bulky 4ply rug wool is best for the Oxford Regular needles or the Lavor 5.6mm adjustable needle. This Bulky yarn is a bit too thick Formosa needles on the market.

All of these yarn weights are suitable for rug hooks.